A New Addition to Project 2,996

September 11th almost surprised me this year. I’ve had a lot going on this year* and just didn’t see it coming.

Luckily for me, someone who’s been part of Project 2,996 since the beginning, Darryl Heron, was not asleep at the switch. A couple of weeks ago he contacted me with an idea. A simple idea, but one that required some thought and planning. He’s almost ready to announce it.

What is it? Well…it’s his idea, so I’d rather let him do the explaining. But this should be a great new way to share information about the 2,996 people who died almost eleven years ago.

I will say that we’re likely to need a few volunteers who are comfortable with social networking and have a little free time.

So this is Darryl’s introduction, and sometime in the next couple of days he’ll be along to share his idea with you.

* Learning to drum in a bagpipe band takes up more time than you’d think.

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