What Is Project 2996 Doing For the 11th Anniversary?

Hello everyone! The Eleventh Anniversary of September 11th will be upon us shortly and I thought that we had to something special, because this will be the 11th of 9/11 and all. I got in contact with Dale and he was all for it so without further adieau let me tell you about it.

By now you might have heard about Pinterest. It is one of the newest crazes on the web right now. Pinterest allows you to create virtual online pinboards, where you organize pictures and web links. It is a very visual thing and people are loving it. Given the visual nature I thought why don’t we create a board for Project 2996 where we create a pin for each and every victim. Having a pin for every victim would put a face to all of the victims and this already removes some of clinical nature of people becoming statistics. Saying that nearly 3000 people died might be sad but you get a whole different perspective when you see pictures of everyone.

Here is an announcement presentation that I have posted to SlideShare that gives a high level view on this campaign.

By creating a group board this means that we can involve everyone that would like to participate, it also will help in being able to get all of the pins created before September 11th!

Here is a more in depth presentation that I put together to show you what needs to be done and it gives a little bit of instruction on how to use Pinterest for those of you who aren’t familar with it.

How many people will participate is hard to say, maybe we can set a goal of getting 300 people pinning in the Project 2996 board, this would mean that everyone would create around 10 pins each and it is less than the number of people that have liked us in Facebook. Another thing that would be great is if you have done a tribute, that you create a pin for every person that you’ve done a tribute for. Also, looking at the website and seeing how many victims have tributes there are around 1,300 people that are without tibutes now (this is largely due to deadlinks that Dale has removed after his last clean up of the list). It would be great if we can still get tributes for those victims without a tribute by September 11th.

If you’d like to participate in the Project 2996 group board on Pinterest, please leave a comment on the “Contact Me” page on the website, on our Facebook page, or in the board on Pinterest. After you’ve contacted us and we have a chance to guage the number of people that want to participate, we’ll determine how we’ll divide up the victims for pinning. I’d like to see at least one pin for every victim. It would also be great if each pin would then have at least one tribute that could be linked to it as well. I’m looking forward to seeing this campaign take on a life of its own. Be sure to spread the word. Happy pinning!

Darryl Heron

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