The Twelth Anniversary Is Fast Appoaching

We’ve seen a few comments here and there and a few emails asking if Project 2996 is honoring the victims of September 11th this year.  To this the answer is definitely YES!  While I can’t speak for Dale’s activities this past year, my life has taken quite a few twists and turns and I have not had the time that I would like to have put into this very honorable cause.  I don’t wish to bore you with the details of this past year (plus I know that the explanation would be way to long and rambling).  Here are a just a few things from me.

Please keep the tributes coming.  A lot of work goes into keeping track of which victims have profiles and which ones don’t.  Unfortunately, we’re not aware of a simple, quick, and low effort way to keep everything up to date, but we’re working on it. Be creative in the tributes that you do. Let us know if you want to create a tribute but don’t have a blog or website and we’ll see about finding a place for your tribute.

The Project 2996 group pinboard on Pinterest continues.  Think about how amazing it will be to have pictures and tributes to all of the victims in  one location online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We managed to get quite a few pictures up over the past year, but we’re not there yet.  If you’re not able or don’t wish to pin in this group, why not tell others about it.  There are nearly 1,200 followers of the board and 2o+ contributors. It sure would be great to work some Pinterest magic and spread the word throughout your Social Media circles.

Finally, lets start thinking about the anniversary next year.  Lets do something big for the ‘lucky 13’.  Let us know what kind of crazy ideas you have and we’ll start working to make memorable.  Bye for now.



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