Thank you for the New Tributes

I just updated with a few new tributes, and some fixed links.

Thanks to Darryl for getting a post up yesterday. What with work, moving, and a few memorial ceremonies on the drumline with the pipe band, I just haven’t had much free time in the last few weeks. So thanks, for taking care of that.

If you have written a new tribute, if I have the wrong link, or if for some reason I’m missing your link, be sure to leave a comment and let me know.


6 comments on “Thank you for the New Tributes

  1. Hello,

    I wrote a tribute to Yelena Belilovsky, who was a World Trade Center victim:

    Thank you for everything.

    Anthony Bialy

  2. Diane Sherlock says:

    sorry for the late notice – here’s my annual repost

  3. Richard says:

    I’ve seen the photo of Brian Bilcher climbing up the stairs many times. He looks like a hero to me. The level of courage it takes to keep going up the building to help people no matter what’s happening to the structure is very inspirational. Brian Bilcher will always be one of my heroes. He and “the falling man” and the ash-covered survivors in the street are the images I remember.

  4. John says:

    Pinned on 8/26/14
    Jie Yao Justin Zhao, age 27
    Prokopios Paul Zois, age 46
    Andrew Steven Zucker, age 27

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