The Arms of Project 2,996

Arms of Project 2,996


Per Pale Sanguine and Argent, a Zinnia ensigned in Chief by four Mullets in Fess enarched all counterchanged


From a torse of the colors and issuant out of flames a Bald Eagle displayed Proper


SEMPER (Always)

Herald (Designed by):

Sandy Turnbull


Terry Sarros

The Story

When I decided that Project2996 needed some sort of logo I wanted something a little more dignified than a standard graphic design. I’ve been a fan of heraldry for many years, and recently have become an student of the field, it seemed a natural fit.

The Zinnia is a flower with a very specific connection to 9/11. Zoe and Dana Falkenberg were two of the youngest victims, and their surviving family has asked that people plant Zinnias (Zoe’s favorite flower) as a remembrance. My ex remembered Zoe, during the very first year of 2,996, and for several years before we moved we planted Zinnias in our front yard to remember Zoe and her little sister, Dana.

The four stars above the zinnia represent the four planes and four crash sites of 9/11. The coloring scheme where the shield is divided into two colors with the charges inverted is called counterchanging, and is used to represent the stark change our country and world went through.

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